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Denise Jaxon is a provocative, emergent writer with a vivid voice representative of today’s socially conscious commentary. Before moving to Los Angeles, to pursue writing, she worked as an engineer designing and Project Managing the development of fiber optic networks, and Information Technology systems worldwide. She helped change the way we watch television today when she worked on the team that designed the fiber-optic backbone infrastructure for what was then known as the information superhighway, now today’s game-changing, Internet. In this role, Denise traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad, where she lived and worked absorbing the diverse cultures she was surrounded by.

Determined to live out her purpose in life, Denise hung up her engineering hat and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her goal of writing and creating powerful television dramas. She adapted her manuscript, THE LEAST OF THESE, to a short film that screened at film festivals, her play, PROGRESS AND PEACE, was performed at the Los Angeles Theater Center to sold out crowds, and her You-Tube web-series, DOUBLE CROSS, was picked up by Koldcast TV for Internet distribution.

Denise attended UCLA Television Writers Extension program, sharpening her skills and adding to her body of work, including her original pilot, TEN MILES TO SUNSET, which achieved an 8 out of 10 rating on The Black List, and earned her a coveted spot in the Women In Film | Blacklist Episodic Lab. She also placed as 1 of 10 finalists in the Google Computer Science Education in Media Fellowship, where Google sought writers to write a TV pilot about women and minorities in computer science careers. Denise's work was recognized by Sundance who invited her to submit to the 2nd round of their Story Lab, and her original pilot, T.R.U.T.H. was a second round finalist in the Fox Writer's Lab.


Serialized Police Drama
Setting: 1969/70's Los Angeles
Written by: Denise Jaxon
Log Line:In the twilight of the Black Panther Party and the dawn of the CRIPS, three LAPD officers with troubled lives and conflicting backgrounds battle to patrol the streets of South Central LA from theyr own self-righteous viewpoint while fueling the historically divisive precinct and compromising their safety of the streets.
Production Status: Pending
The Black List gave TEN MILES TO SUNSET an overall 8 script rating. Fewer than 5% of the scripts hosted on the site receive an overall score of 8 or above.
"This is an exceedingly well-executed pilot, with virtually every moment contributing to the character development or story in graceful, often surprising ways... Every character feels vibrant and well formed...It's a stunning sample script that shows strong storytelling and character building skills, and is certainly worth a read." -- The Black List
Visit for the full review.


Web Series
Serialized Political Drama
Setting: Present Day Los Angeles
Written by: Denise Jaxon
Log Line: Under the political microscope, up and coming politician, Sasha Cross (Denise Jaxon), fights to hide a damaging obsessive compulsive personality disorder when her estranged drug-addicted twin sister Keisha,(Denise Jaxon) emerges to claim the family heritage after their mother dies, but nothing is what it seems.
Production Status: Youtube
Production Company: CreDo Entertainment (US)

Film / Stage Play
Setting: Dallas
Written by: Denise Jaxon
Log Line: A corporate executive is torn between the material trappings that
her career provides and her dreams of hitting it big as a singer. Accused of embezzlement, she fights to clear her name and save the corporate merger that promises the financial freedom to pursue her dream deferred, only to
discover that what it takes to reach her goals isn’t found in her bank account.
Production Status:
-Stage Play - Los Angeles Theater Center
Producer: Robey Theater Company and Against Type Theater Company

Short Film
Setting: Dallas / Las Vegas
Written by: Denise Jaxon
Log Line: Sisters are challenged with putting years of sibling rivalry aside when one is diagnosed with a kidney disease and the other is the perfect match.
Production Status:
-Deep Ellum Film Festival - Dallas, TX
-Sandra E. Manley Short Film Festival - Los Angeles, CA
-Drexel University Television - Philadelphia, PA
Title Song, The Least of These, written by Denise Jaxon
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Other song in the film, Unconditional Love, written by Denise Jaxon
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